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About us

PHILOLUMIERE is a lighting design and consulting firm,  which started its history in 2007 and was created by Olesya Tarasova - experienced lighting designer. 

Based on the postulate, that physics of light is one of the main world’s manifestation of its existence and creating it own Philosophy of lighting, the firm provides lighting design to such disparate spatial expressions as museums, luxury boutiques, landscapes and gardens, public urbain 

spaces, hotels, private residences, commercial properties, office buildings. To meet the requirements for such a range of programmatic and geographically specific requirements, we have developed own methods and philosophy to lighting design.


As architectural lighting designers, our role is to utilize light as a medium through which architectural intentions can be emphasized and clearly read.

We have a unique scientific knowledge of lighting and its interaction with the physical material world to create unique projects and environments. As experienced engineers we bring to each and every project the newest lighting technologies and know-how.

PHILOLUMIERE also creates innovative lighting fixtures for different production lighting brands.


Our main office is located in Cote d'Azur France ( at beautiful village of Theoule -sur -Mer), with satellite office in Moscow, Russia.

The science of light for the beauty of life.

Lighting  design for:

  • luxury boutiques

  • private villas and palaces

  • hotels, restaurants & golf resorts

  • art galeries & museums

  • landscapes & gardens

  • yachts

  • shopping malls

  • public spaces​

Our Team.



Tel: +33 7 51 62 06 94


Lighting designer

Tel: +33 7 51 62 06 94

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